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About us

International tech, consulting organisation and venture company.

HQ'd in Georgia, Noxtton is represented in 3 physical locations and provides worldwide service coverage. Noxtton's portfolio crosses industries and borders, comprising more than 300+ completed projects with top notch clients, brands and partners.

We are committed to unravel the complexities of technology solutions and to make it intelligible for organisations and individuals all around the world, regardless of their industry, location or speciality. 

Our Vision

Redefine the boundaries of technology solutions.

Our Mission

Unlock the potential of visionary minds and bring creative and meaningful projects to life through proficiency, dedication and excellence


Noxtton is more than a service company. We’re shaping the future.


Fueled by our drive to understand the changing world around us, we create roadmaps - ongoing deep dives of the technologies and companies that are shaping the future. Noxtton Group is proudly represented by Academy of Digital Industries, Hapttic, Tetri, Digital Space, LawFormer, Seenet, LooW & many others.


We’ve come together to explore and shape the untapped potential of the tech world

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We’ve come together to explore and shape the untapped potential of the tech world

Our Values

We intend to see the world differently, to be the best at what we do, to explore the untapped potential of the tech world and to be the change.

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  • Excellence

    Continuous development in all aspects and touchpoints.

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  • Exploration

    Courage to shape a better and smarter future.

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  • Collaboration

    Leveraging the collective genius of our team and of our partners.

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  • Integrity

    Transparency and trustworthiness within and without.