We do have some pretty exciting updates to share


7 December, 2022

Givi Chkhartishvili

The Managing Partner of Noxtton - Givi Chkhartishvili, will deliver a speech on "Creating Data-Informed Digital Product Strategies" at the most anticipated and exclusive conference in the region - Touch Summit.

LocationR Theatre
Time13:00 (GMT+4)

24 November, 2022

Co-Hosting Web3 Startups Night with Luka Bachsoliani [NXT Labs]

The Conference will see successful Web3 startups share their projects, talk about the challenges encountered on the way, and what knowledge they gained in the process. After the official part of the event, attendees of the physical location will have a chance to witness an Audio Reactive Immersive Show taking place in front of their eyes 

LocationTbilisi, Georgia
Time18:00 (GMT+4)

October 1, 2022

NASA Space Apps Challenge

 Houston, we have great news!

NASA Space Apps is returning with an in-person hackathon! This means that you have an opportunity to:

🚀 Find innovative solutions to the real-world issues of the Earth and space, based on NASA data

🚀 Get new knowledge, experience and inspiration from speakers, mentors and co-participants

🚀 Spend three productive days in Tbilisi and in Kutaisi International University

🚀 Win, get awesome prizes and, most importantly - a chance to present your project at the Global Awards

What is NASA Space Apps?

NASA Space Apps is the largest hackathon in the entire solar system. Every year, at more than 300 cities and towns around the globe, thousands of people get together, take a deep dive into NASA data, and work in teams to solve some of the planet and space’s biggest challenges in just 48 hours.

Time3PM (GMT+4)

28 September, 2022

PechaKucha Night Tbilisi vol. 18

PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people, innovators, entrepreneurs get together and share their ideas, projects and works.

LocationStamba Hotel, Tbilisi
Time20:20 (GMT+4)